At All Commercial Wreckers, we care about our clients and are always trying to make things simpler for them. That is why we have come up with a list of frequently asked questions for all our clients to provide a platform where all their questions are answered beforehand.

  1.     I have a Car I’d like to sell, who should I contact?

All Commercial Wreckers is your one-stop solution for all your Car Selling needs. No matter what kind of a car you have, if it’s new, slightly used or damaged, we will buy it from you for the best possible cash returns. You can contact us at 0894934840 for more details.

  1.     How do I Sell my Car to you?

If you wish to sell your vehicle, all you have to do is call us today and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your vehicle. If you accept our offer, the process after that is simple: we coordinate a time and place for pickup of your choice, we come to collect the vehicle and then leave you with cash in your hand.

  1.     Do I have to drop my vehicle at your location?

That’s not necessary because at All Commercial Wreckers we offer a 24 hour mobile pickup service where we come to your location, no matter where it may be, to collect your vehicle!

  1.     What kinds of vehicles do you buy?

All Commercial Wreckers is an Auto Buyer that deals with all sorts of vehicles, including cars, vans, 4WDs and trucks. We buy vehicles of all makes, models, years, and brands. No matter what the condition of your vehicle; may it be damaged, scrap, wrecked, new or used, All Commercial Wreckers will buy it from you.

  1.     I have an old car lying in my garage I’d like to get rid of. Can you help with that?

Yes! Because we buy all vehicles, including old ones that might have sentimental value for our clients. We’ll carry out the Removal process for you without any hassle and it won’t matter if your car is covered in rust or bushes because we’ve got you covered.

  1.     What happens to my scrap or old car after you buy it?

All Commercial Wreckers is an environment conscious company. All the Scrap and Old cars that we purchase are recycled using the eco- friendly Disposal processes. We have a team of Auto Dismantlers at our scrap yard who make sure that every part is recycled properly and that the scrap metal generated is used for further purposes.

  1.     Do I require any documents for the process?

Yes, at the time of pickup you are required to have some sort of identification document with you. This could be your passport or driver’s license. You also need to keep your vehicle registration and title of ownership for your vehicle with you. Don’t worry though. We will take care of all the exchange paperwork.

  1.     Why do I Sell My Car to you?

All Commercial Wreckers is a trusted and licensed business that has gained the reputation of being a leading auto buyer in Perth. We offer the best rates on all your cars and highly value even the most Scrap ones. Our service is timely and efficient provided by the most professional staff members. We guarantee, you will not regret any deal you make with us.

If you wish you Sell your vehicle, call us today at 08 9493 4840.

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