Can I Sell A Car With Frame Damage?

Several factors determine the cost of your car with frame damage, such as the state you live in, the extent of damage, and the status of your car title. To calculate the extent of the car’s damage and establish what kind of shape your vehicle is in, you need to learn what frame damage is. We will tell you what it costs to fix it and what it does to your car. Once you are aware of these things, you can choose whether or not to Sell Your Frame Damaged Car of Cash .

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What Is Frame Damage?

Basically, frame damage is the harm caused to the support structure of the car. A frame is an iron or steel beam structure that holds up all the pieces of the vehicle. Several factors can cause frame damage. Like:

  • Collisions of any speed
  • Speed bumps, tables, or other impediments
  • Potholes and dips in the road
  • Railroad tracks, traffic barrels, other unforeseen obstacles

This type of damage can range from a minor dent or bend in the frame too far more critical damages such as a crumpled or fully bent frame.
Determining whether or not your car has frame damage only needs a manual inspection in most cases. The assessment of the vehicle will require you or your mechanic or any technician to get below the car and visually inspect it.

How Much Does It Cost To Restore Frame Damage?

Getting frame damage repaired is a pricey endeavour. Even for minor damages, frame repairs can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Restoration of the frame requires specific tools and techniques that a qualified technician must perform. In some cases, it can be repaired back to factory specs.

For more critical frame damage, it costs thousands of dollars. In the worst cases, frame damage repairs will total the vehicle and make it unable to be salvaged. In cases where the damages can be repaired, the replacements are often extensive and will require a significant amount of time. This leaves you without any vehicle, and you’d have to pay for a rental car or borrow someone else’s while you wait for yours to be roadworthy again. It is a major inconvenience.

The length and cost of the repairs also depend on the type of frame your car has. There are many frame types, but the two most common ones are the ladder frame (named after its ladder-like shape) and the unibody frame, which is called so because it is made out of one solid piece of metal. Each frame requires different approaches to fix, and for more unusual frames, it may not even be plausible to get it repaired at your local mechanic. Depending on the kind of car you have, frame damage can cost more than the vehicle’s value.

The charges of frame repairs do not include damage caused to other parts of the car because of the frame damage. In such incidents, a car owner may decide it is better to sell their frame-damaged car.

How Can You Sell Your Frame Damaged Car?

Coming back to our primary question — Yes, you can Sell A-Frame Damaged Car for Top Cash. But, there are some issues. Selling a vehicle with outer-body damage is a tricky business. Depending on the harm caused to the vehicle, it may not be deemed salvage. In these cases, you would require a salvage title for your vehicle. This drastically narrows the options for selling your car.

Most dealerships do not buy damaged frame cars due to the expense of repairing them and the potential for different problems. There is a good option of selling your damaged car to used dealerships, which may sometimes offer to buy the vehicle for a nominal amount. You can also try selling the car to a junkyard which often buys the auto for the weight price of the car.

When selling your wheels to an individual, there is the matter of liability. Many areas have lemon laws and other measures that restrict selling heavily damaged cars or non-functional vehicles. In any circumstance, if you wish to sell your frame damaged automobile to someone, you are obligated to reveal all of the damage the car has. If anything remains conceded, you may be held liable even after you sell the vehicle.

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