Is Your Truck Damaged Beyond Repair, Sell It To Us For Top Cash Offers

A truck is an expensive piece of machinery. Truck owners spent even more money on it to get it customised for their needs and comfort. But like all vehicles, trucks are also prone to damages, getting old, wear and tear and losing their use.

What can you do if your truck has outlived its use or is damaged beyond repair?

Let us help you get your truck disposed of for top offers.

We are All Commercial Wreckers, one of the leading Truck Wreckers in Perth.

Whatever type, model or condition your vehicle might be in, we are your best choice for the best rates.

We don’t mind if your truck is old or damaged. It won’t stop us from buying your vehicle even if it is damaged beyond repair or unfit for the road. With us, you can be sure to sell your truck for the maximum rate it will fetch in the market.

Truck Wreckers Perth

Why do we buy old and damaged trucks?

We are passionate about what we do, and we do it professionally and conveniently. If you have an old truck to sell, regardless of its condition, we are your best bet for top offers.

We buy trucks for their parts and metal. We have more than 15 years of experience in this industry, and we know from our experience that each vehicle however old or damaged, will still have useful parts that can be salvaged.

Our Cash for Trucks is aimed to offer our customers an easy and convenient way to get their old or damaged trucks disposed of in an eco-friendly way. When we buy a truck or any vehicle for that matter, we dismantle it to the core and salvage all useful parts from it. These parts are thoroughly checked by our team and stored to sell to other customers or dealers who specialise in used vehicle parts.

With our services, truck owners get a chance to buy top quality Used Parts for a fraction of what a new part would cost.

Dispose of your truck in an eco-friendly way

We also care about the environment, so we wreck trucks in an environmentally responsible manner. When we get rid of a vehicle’s waste parts, we take extra precautions. Every vehicle contains hazardous liquids, toxic substances, and scrap parts that, if released, can result in major health concerns for humans, animals and birds in general. We responsibly dispose of toxic waste, ensuring that the environment is not harmed. Our team of wrecking professionals does it properly and in such a way that no hazardous substances or gases are spilt into the environment or the general public.

Give us a call now at 08 9493 4840 or email us to and discuss with our friendly staff your vehicle issue. Let it be Cash for truck, a free Truck removal Service, or top quality Used Parts for your truck, we are sure we can offer you solutions as no other company can.

So why hesitate? Call us now.

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