No More Paying Towing Companies To Get Your Unwanted Vehicle Removed

Ready to get your unwanted car removed from your property?

If you are concerned with the high towing charges, you don’t have to worry anymore. Towing companies indeed charge you based on the distance and the load. The longer the distance and bigger the size of the vehicle, the higher the towing cost.

Let us give an alternative, 

How would you like to have your vehicle removed for free?

We are All Commercial Wreckers, one of the best Cash for Car Companies in Perth. We offer you a permanent solution for your Unwanted Vehicles. 

Let it be a bike or a truck, we offer you a professional Car Removal Service, and that too for free. We will come to your location at a time of your convenience and collect your vehicle. And the best part is that you will be getting top cash for your vehicle right on the spot.

So ready to get your Vehicle Disposed of in the most eco-friendly way?

Give us a call now and let us professionals do the rest.

Unwanted Vehicle Removed

Why do we offer our clients cash for their vehicles

Vehicle owners tend to believe that once their vehicle becomes old and/or damaged it becomes worthless. Vehicles indeed lose their value with time, but that doesn’t make them worthless.

Every vehicle will have useful parts that can be salvaged and reused. There will also be tons of metal in each vehicle that can be sold back to automobile manufacturing companies and other metal product manufacturers.

When we buy a vehicle, we take it apart and salvage these parts and metals. These are then resold to direct customers or to various companies who deal in these products. This helps us to give a good rate for even the oldest and scrappiest of vehicles.

We at All Commercial Wreckers have the best Car Recyclers in Perth. Our car wreckers are true professionals with years of experience in this industry. They can find and salvage parts from vehicles and do eco-friendly car wrecking.

Our motto is to make the sale process easier and more profitable for everyone associated with it. And you, as a vehicle owner, get the best offers for your unwanted vehicle.

How much do we offer for old and damaged vehicles

We are not like some of our competing companies who give the least quote for your vehicle. We have the best appraisers who will evaluate your vehicle and make sure that you are well and truly compensated for your vehicle.

Based on the details you have provided over the call or online you can get up to $9999. Add that to the free towing we provide, and you can be sure that our offers will stand out from any other offer you might have got from our competing companies.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get offers that go as high as $9999. 

Give us a call today at 08 9493 4840 and find the true value of your vehicle.