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All commercial wreckers is your ideal choice for Car Wrecking in Perth. We have an extensive range of high quality used auto parts suitable for various makes and models. We stock a large variety of replacement parts for commercial vehicles. Our professional wreckers have a great deal of experience and expertise in wrecking vehicles, to ensure perfection during the dismantling process. We make sure that each vehicle is stripped only to such an extent that it supports and maintains the top quality of used auto parts and other accessories. Our car dismantling process is aimed at supporting the environment, so we follow eco-friendly practices.

Professional Car Wreckers & Commercial Used Car Parts Dealers

You can find any used automotive part in our extensive collection of car replacement parts. We wreck cars on a daily basis for parts in order to update our stock and ensure that our customers get exactly what they are looking for. We are experts at wrecking all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, utes, SUVs, 4wds, wagons and many more. We only sell high-quality spare parts. The parts are carefully inspected by experts to make sure that it is functioning as desired and will give optimum results when installing into a new vehicle.

Car Wreckers Perth

Extensive inventory list

We have a large collection of used parts in our inventory list and this is the place where you can get replacement parts for half the price as compared to showrooms. We can source a part for you, in case we do not have the part you requested.

All models and makes

We wreck cars and other vehicles of all makes and models. While wrecking the cars, we harvest the most useful parts among the exterior and interior components and supply them to our customers at the best possible rates.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are professional and experienced
  • We wreck cars of all makes, models, and conditions
  • We stock a huge range of replacement parts
  • We offer free vehicle removal
  • Expert reconditioning
  • Vehicle Salvage
  • We have a great network of suppliers, so we can immediately source the part in case the requested part is not in our stock.
  • You get spare parts at a fraction of the cost as compared to the new counterparts.
  • Top-quality spares at a fraction of the cost as compared to brand new parts.
  • We are specialists in supplying parts for commercial vehicles.
  • We recycle used vehicles and are hence environment-friendly.
  • We are reliable and our service is backed up by a warranty.

Get high-quality auto parts at great prices

We are experienced car wreckers who are well versed with the nuances of car dismantling and recycling. We promote recycling of used parts for eco-friendly reasons. Our Used Car Parts are extremely affordable and form one of the most reasonable rates in the industry. The reconditioned spare parts we supply are carefully inspected and checked for its functionality. Our focus is to provide the best possible used car parts to our customers at the best possible and affordable prices.

Contact us

Contact us on or 08 9493 4840 or email us at for more information on our car wrecking service. We welcome any questions or comments and our staff will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable car wrecking service or are looking for a good quality auto part at cost-effective prices. Call us and ask for a free quote.

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