Cash For Scrap Trucks Removal Perth UpTo $20K Instant Cash On The Spot

All Commercial Wreckers are one of Perth’s leading experts when it comes to vehicle dismantling, towing away old and Disposed Cars and trucks and paying cash in return for scrap trucks.

Large scraps of metal if left unattended to can cause various problems not only for the owner but also the environment around it. Some of them include:

  • Blocking the path or roads (depending on the trucks location).
  • Releasing toxic chemicals into the air (metals corrode and react with air).
  • Can be dangerous to passers-by or other motor vehicle owners (if the old truck is left unattended in public areas).
  • Can occupy a lot of space which can be utilised to store other things ( for example a driveway or nature strip)

Cash For Scrap Trucks

Easy Way To Sell Your Scrap Cars In Perth – Most Easy Way To Get Rid Of Old And Scrap Vehicles:

There are many ways of getting rid of old and unused vehicles, whether it’s a car, van or truck:

  • Selling it: There are many reputed companies that will buy your cars, provided it is a good condition. You can do an online search and check for ones that fit in your criteria.
  • Scraping it: This is the most common choice for getting rid of old and unused cars. There are many companies which will be happy to two away from your old and unused cars and trucks. But always ensure they are well reputed and have a certificate which proves they have the license to operate. You will be able to exchange your old metal heap for a good amount of cash depending on its condition.
  • Giving it away: This is another method of getting rid of your old junk of metal. The only downside is you will not be able to get anything in return. Check online for websites that take old and unused cars.

What we do?

All commercial Wreckers are expert truck wreckers in the following:

  • Towing away old or damaged cars, vans or trucks.
  • Providing cash in exchange for old/dead or damaged vehicles.
  • Selling second hand car parts for a fraction of the market price.

If you need our assistance in any of the above services, do not hesitate to contact us either by visiting our website or filling out the Get a quote form or call us on either / 08 9493 4840 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced staff.

How We help?

By choosing a reputed and qualified vehicle disposal expert like All Commercial Wreckers, you gain a lot of benefits. Some of which include:

  • High quality of customer service: We place customer satisfaction high on the list and therefore you will only receive the highest quality of service. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who will tend to your case right from the start to the end. The process will be explained to you clearly and we ensure that there are no hidden fees in any of our services. We believe in being honest with our loyal customers. The fact that we have been around for more than 15 years is a clear indicator of our experience and a loyal fan base. We also ensure you that our rates are among the best in the market.
  • Simple procedure: Once you have decided to go with us for any of our available services, you can contact us via our website and fill in the get a quote form or call us on 0424 150 848 or 08 9493 4840. You will be served by one of our friendly customer service assistant who will assist you with your case and provide you with an obligation free quote.
  • Quick Cash: Once we pick up your old vehicle or truck, the payments will be with you within the same day. We believe in being fair and just with our customers and out their satisfaction high on our company’s aims. You will receive payments based on your vehicle’s condition. Obviously the better the condition of the car or truck, you will receive a higher price compared to if your vehicle was extremely old or damaged.
  • Quick and easy vehicle removals: You don’t have to ‘be concerned about bringing your old and unused vehicles to us. Rather we come to you and do all the hard work of removing the vehicle from your possession. We tow away your old and damaged vehicles from your location for no extra cost. That’s right, we take your old and unused cars for free when it might cost you a lot if you were to do it yourself. We can arrange a location that is convenient for you as we service many areas of Perth so no location is too far or hard for us.
  • Keeping the environment in mind: getting rid of old and unused vehicles can be quite a messy job. However, we ensure you that we take all the necessary precautions and do the disposal in the correct way so we don’t release any toxic liquids or gases from the old and discarded vehicle. The toxic waste could cause serious pollution or even harm the health and wellbeing of local people or even the flora and fauna. Being environmentally safe is very important for us.

What kinds of trucks are acceptable?

All Commercial Wreckers accept and disposes of all trucks and does not differentiate based on make or model. We are happy to accept them all.

We Accept:

  • Unwanted trucks
  • Old and battered trucks
  • Trucks that have been in an accident
  • Damaged trucks
  • Scrap trucks
  • Junk trucks
  • Unused trucks
  • Accident Trucks
  • Ligh Heavy Trucks

This is good news for truck owners who want to get rid of their large and small trucks but are unable to do so. By choosing to use our services, you are allocating the hassle of towing and disposing of your unused vehicles to us. We will gladly arrange to meet at a location and time that is convenient for you and get the old vehicle out of your way. Payments will be quick and fair. We pay you what you deserve. If your truck is in a decent condition, you can expect top dollar while trucks in less favourable conditions will be paid a lower amount. We ensure whatever amount you get, you will be completely satisfied with our service. The deal will be smooth and will be done with your convenience and satisfaction in mind. Free Truck Removal Any Make Or Model In Any Conditon.
Get in touch with us today!

Contact us on either or 08 9493 4840 if you want us to remove your Unwanted Car and if you want cash in exchange for your old and unused car. Call today on either of the above numbers to speak to our team member and find out more about the wide range of services we offer. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions regarding any of our services. Once of our friendly team members are always willing to assist in any way!

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