Get $9999 For Your Old Unwanted Vehicles

How much do you think your old car is worth?

We are sure no one would have given you a quote as we did.


We offer top dollar for old and unwanted vehicles.

We are All Commercial Wreckers – The pioneering Cash for Cars Company based in Perth WA.

If you think your old vehicle is worthless, we are glad to prove you wrong. We have expert appraisers in our company who are dedicated to providing all our customers with top cash offers for their old unwanted vehicles.

Do we buy all types of vehicles?

We are frequently asked a single question.” Do you buy all types of vehicles?’

The answer is very simple.

As one of the leading Car Wreckers in Perth, we buy all types of vehicles.

You could be having an old car or a damaged truck, it could be a vehicle with no redo or a bus in scrap condition, and we will

offer you the best quote and will buy it.

Size, shape, condition, make, model and brand never stopped us from buying vehicles. We can be considered as your single stop solution for selling cars and other vehicles. We are your friendly neighbourhood vehicle buyers. We guarantee to buy a vehicle if you are ready to sell it.

Car Wreckers

What are our services?

If you are looking for the best services in the industry of Cash for Cars and Car removals, then your search ends with us. We offer all our customers exemplary service. The rewires of our customers are proof of the quality of work and services we offer.

We offer various services to the people of Perth. Some of the main services we offer to our customers are as given below

  • Car Wreckers Perth
  • Truck Wreckers Perth
  • Commercial Car Parts Perth
  • Cash For Unwanted Cars Perth
  • Car Recyclers Perth
  • Used Car Parts Perth
  • Van Wreckers Perth
  • Vehicle Removal Perth
  • Cash For Commercial Cars Perth
  • Cash For Scrap Trucks Perth
  • Used Car Removal Perth
  • Car Disposal Perth

So if you have any concerns regarding your old vehicle removal all you have to do is contact us. We make sure that you are provided with the best services and Cash for Car deals.

How to contact us

You could be looking for a fast cash deal for your old vehicle, or it could be a professional Car Removal service that you are in search of, all that can be done in the blink of an eye.

We at All Commercial Wreckers are providing services for all your vehicle sale-related needs.

You can call us at 08 9493 4840 or email us at You can even fill the online forms of “Get

A Quote” to avail of our services.

So get in touch with us for professional assistance.

All Commercial Wreckers – The expert wreckers when it comes to supplying high-quality, low-cost car parts.

For more details, visit our website or call us 08 9493 4840