How to Know All About Dismantling Your Wrecked Car in Perth

• Do you have a wrecked car in your carport?
• Is it absolutely not driveable?
• Is driving this vehicle pose danger to you and the road?
• You don’t know what to do with your wrecked vehicle?
If you are suffering from the above dilemmas, then you should consider asking for a professional advice. At All Commercial Wreckers, we have several years of experience in dealing with such Unwanted Car Removals & Wrecking cases. How do we deal with such wrecked cars? First of all, we will buy your wrecked vehicle from you at a good price. We will also provide free tow away service. After that, it will become our property.

Useful Uses of Your Damaged Car

Once we buy off your wrecked vehicle, we will take it to our Perth Car Recycling centre. We can also take your vehicle to our dismantling workshop where we will take away every bit and piece of your car.
Dismantling is the safest option if your vehicle becomes unusable. Why? It is because since your car cannot be driven, the body parts and other motor parts can be reutilised in a good way.
Dismantling means the wrecked, unwanted vehicles are broken into pieces so that they can be further used in other cars. Tearing away body parts are done using advanced technology and machinery. We have a workstation dedicated to dismantling vehicles only.

All Commercial Wreckers

Value of Dismantling

Dismantling is not an easy task. There are certain toxic fluids coming from batteries, fuels, oils, brake fluids coming out of a car. We take extra precaution during taking the toxins out and disposing safely. After ensuring the safest environment, we dismantle vehicles. At All Commercial Wreckers, we accept all kinds of automobiles such as Sedans, Utes, Sports Cars, Trucks, Vans, Commercial Automotive, Heavy Industrial Vehicles, 4WDs and so on. Most of the Dismantling company don’t care about the type of models they receive. In All Commercial Wreckers, we are not interested in the year of your vehicle. It can be new or old. It can be broken, badly damaged due to accident, burnt down or absolutely not driveable. As long as you are willing to let it go and have it dismantle.
Dismantling cars has its own purpose. The parts that are taken out can be used for other vehicles. These parts are reconditioned and are usable. So, the next time you are worried about what to do with your damaged vehicle, sell your car to us and have your vehicle towed away for free. You can rest assure that your car will be utilised in a better way.